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About RunCoach


Using the RunCoach software is like having your own personal trainer.  It is an advanced expert system that creates a personal running program tailored for each individual.  It is also a fully functional multi-sport training diary with many features listed below.   Whether your goal is to loose weight, complete a fun run or to lower your 10k time RunCoach can help.

First you tell it a bit about yourself.  The more it knows the better help it can provide. Then it produces a training schedule to match your goals. If you have no goals it can suggest one or if your goal is too optimistic it will advise you.  It allows you to tell it what days you want to run, when you have the most time and how many days a week you would like to train. 

It also has extensive analysis capabilities with hundreds of graphs, reports and comparisons.   You can import data from other programs and pulse monitors and export to Excel for further analysis if you need.  It tracks usage of equipment (eg running shoes).  There is also PB analysis and performance prediction built in which help to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.  It even has a built in Sports Psych that you can talk with in English.

Initially you can use the Basic Mode and never have to worry about the advanced features. This allows you to simply produce a plan and tell it about your workouts.  As you get more familiar you can start using the other features.

If you have ever had trouble loosing weight or improving your running then RunCoach is for you.

Training Plans

If you just want an individually tailored training plan, you don't need the software as we also provide an online service to do that.  You fill in a few details about yourself and your training goals and then RunCoach will develop a customised program for you.  This is emailed to you so you can start immediately.  See the support/registration page to sign up.


This is the 32bit version and will run on most 32 bit Microsoft operating system like Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP although Vista has not been tested.  The program is also available for Windows 3.1 and DOS.   (you have access to all versions for the same price)   There has been extensive beta testing so you can use the Version 1.0 with confidence.  The interface is menu driven with pull-down menus, on-line and context sensitive help.

Its running knowledge is extensive and includes the following:-

  • internally classifies runners into five major groups
  • takes into account age, experience, PB's, sex, training program etc
  • able to select days of the week you can run, and your long run day
  • provides feedback on whether you are capable of meeting your goal time
  • can suggest goal's based on your individual ability
  • provides a schedule even if RunCoach is sceptical you can reach your goal
  • knows about VO2max, anaerobic threshold, efficiency, long runs etc
  • has many rules for minimising injury
  • has a variety of individualised speedwork schedules built in
  • understands periodisation and complex schedules and selects between them
  • can predict race results for distances not previously run
  • can produce a schedule for the complete beginner through to the elite

The diary features are also extensive and here is a partial list:-

  • can log data for any number of sports
  • basic and full entry modes for fast data entry
  • intuitive time and distance entry which don't need shift keys
  • color coding of workout intensity
  • can customize information displayed in the calendar
  • daily monthly and yearly calendar views
  • advanced three module performance prediction from 100 metres to Ultramarathons
  • export data to any other application using CSV files
  • import data from Athlete's Diary and polar pulse monitors
  • thousands of graphs and reports.
  • drill down to actual data in the graph module
  • customized graphing and reporting extractions
  • memorised location and workout templates for rapid entry
  • tracks mileage and time for equipment usage
  • pb analysis for best distances and comparisons to world class performance

Support and registration information is available here

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