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What is your favorite interval(speed) session?

  • Short repeats - 30s-2min, with a break/jog between
  • Long repeats - 3-10min, with a break/jog between
  • Pyramid - start short, build long end short
  • Staircase - either short to long or long to short
  • Fartlek - I vary times I run fast on how I feel
  • Intervals!? - running fast is for races
  • What are intervals?
  • I have trouble running much less going fast!
  • Other type of speed session

[ Results | Polls ]

Votes: 47


"I meant to let you know, since using your amazing program religiously. I have now run 88min for a half (2 min PB), 3:13 for a marathon (17 min PB) 40:40 for 10k (2 min PB)"  DT - South Africa

"My girlfriend and I are both really benefiting from using RunCoach -- I'm running consistently for the first time in many years, and the program's been great." EO - Boston, MA

"you are doing a great service for coaches and athletes, I admire your foresight and knowledge. My top marathoner is going to Manchester, I will be with him thanks to ASA. Medal I hope. Best 10km this week 28.12"  DS - South Africa

"I love your software! I have tried other programs and none matches up to RunCoach." JF - Oak Park, IL

"Thanks for the great program." MC - Needham, MA

"I am using RunCoach now for a couple of years although I am not racing but at least it helped improve fitness and lose those kilos overweight I had. I'll stick to your RunCoach forever." AT - Luxembourg

"I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying RunCoach this running season. .... Thanks again. The latest update is suburb and running smoothly... like me!" JM - Canada

"just a short thank you for your very good programme, with its help I just finished my third marathon. This time I have really improved and reached 3h40m. I can assure you that your plan is a fantastic tool and it gets you rolling. " DB - Czech Republic

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