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1998 Forum Archive - Training A


RunCoach Forums 1998 Archive - Training A

Getting started - again

From: Phil Rutherford
Category: General
Date: 3/31/98
Time: 2:36:41 PM
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Hi, I am 48 fairly healthy (but not fit) male. Up until 8-9 years ago I was very active in veterans sports and prior to that was playing just about anything and everything I could. Now, trying to achieve too much at work has left its mark - mostly around the middle. Having read the article: World's fittest fat man in the April edition of Men's Health, I've lost my last excuse for not doing anything. My question is: If I wanted to set my sights on participating in a triathlon (just the short one - not the killer) in about 2 years, where should I start and how? Any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Phil Rutherford

Re: Getting started - again

From: Paul Shields
Category: Coach
Date: 4/1/98
Time: 8:15:45 PM
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The most important tips are to start slowly and build gradually! There are several good triathlon sites on the web. Two useful URL's are as follows: a good starting out site Paul Wilson's excellent site (but will be ceasing)

Rather than outline a complete plan I will provide a few pointers and finish with how RunCoach can help with a triathlon plan.

Starting out tips

- start with only 3-4 days a week training, build to 6 and keep a rest day

- don't initially try and do more than one sport a day. Once fitter start mixing upper and lower body on the same day (eg run/swim, bike/swim)

- maintain a hard/easy routine, and on easy days make sure you REST

- have a few interim goals. Targetting races, events, times or distances at least every 3-4 months can provide terrific stepping stones and keep motivation high.

- listen to your body. Take it easy when it says you are going too hard

- get a pulse monitor. ( A complete coach on your wrist!)

- join a group of like minded individuals and see if you can get some social/peer support for your activity (eg Tri club, running club, etc)

RunCoach is a very useful tool in developing a triathlon training plan. It can help you to design a running program that only has 2,3 or 4 days a week that can be integrated with your swimming and biking programs. It also allows you to pick the specific days that you want to run.

All the best with your tri training. Keep us informed as to how you are progressing.



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