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1998 Forum Archive Index

RunCoach Forums 1998 Archive

You can read and view these messages but not post or navigate.  Use the browser navigation buttons to move around.  If you wish to post a message the live discussion is at here. They have been divided into threads that deal largely with RunCoach and threads that deal mostly with training.



RunCoach Beta Getting started - again
Starting a Discussion Database Threshold run pace and Interval rest periods
Convert Pace into Heart Rate??? Race day nutrition help
Beta Revisions Torn calf muscle (soleus)
RunCoach Ver 1.0 beta 1b Update Release 400 meters
Registration Frustrated Calf Muscle Cramper
Gear tab, total distance In stitches
Documentation & My goal is hopeless what do I do? Hills (strength training)
Multisport Training Marathon Program
Planning for 2 or more events in the future How periodized are RunCoach programs
How do I create a training schedule (plan) Injury
Great Job New Runner and pain in the legs
Windows Version Work in NT 4.0? or 95? Help for a race and some health tips
Windows CE Version? calf cramps
Printing a Plan Beta 1C early release Runners Knee
Confused over Current Capability and PB Proper breathing pattern
RunCoach Ver 1.0 beta 1c - Update Release Can I Jog?
Saving Settings? and How do you calculate Heart Rate Training... PB calculation
PB Information When is slow too slow?
saving old data during upgrade Speed Training For Teenagers
Graph bars, and Days per week and speedwork for a marathon pulse target
How to set-up interval workouts and the 'slow' comment Body Mass Index
Printing of Saved Running Program Karnonen Heart Rate Reserve
Mining Company Review Effects of Age and Weight
Internet and Running What to eat before a race?
Decoding an Interval Workout Dead Legs
PB/Current Ability Sciatica
General Protection Fault when planning a program Pool Running, How to run when you can't
Weekly Mileage Marathon Training
Marathon Training plan Stress Fracture in Thigh, Hamstring strain
Loading run information Help, Shin splints!!!!!!
Interval Training Heart Rate and Deflection Pulse
PB/Current Ability (again) Pulse Zone Advice
RunCoach Beta 2 Release Pulse changes during the day
Upgrade to Beta 2 Why pulse and pace varies from day to day
unrealistic? Re: heel spurs and pre race nerves
beta 2 blows up Injury - Pain under shoelaces
Target Zones Achilles Tendonitis
Cannot create plan with NT4.0 Marathon schedule for elite runners
'Notes' and How fast should I train? Sore Legs
RunCoach beta 2a Update Release running and cycling equivalent
Discussion list as email list? Losing Muscle Bulk
printing contributions? Creatine
Entering Intervals Peter Clark's Sciatica
some rather formalities Starting a Race
page refreshing Children and Running
System Clock does not work Maximum Heart rate
The 'current ability' doesn't match my PB Diet
RunCoach V1.0 beta 2b Update release General questions
My data seems corrupt how do I fix it? Side Stitch (pain)
Problems with Reports Training for Pikes Peak
Plan+Actual Daily Graphs Ankle fracture ..
Great program, some bugs, and suggestions Running for Beginners
RunCoach got me a new PB Quadriceps
Looks good, A few questions Shock absorbing shoes
Can RunCoach handle more than 1 runner? Running with a cold
Marathon in 3h30m Urgent need for information on overtraining and recovery
Suggestion: Planning for multiple goals Rest Days
Handling English and Metric Units Form Runs
RunCoach Ver 1.0 beta 2c release Marathon...HELP!!
Runs and the connection with Workouts and Locations LONG RUN FREQUENCY
Bug with European characters in beta 2c Return from Stress Fracture
Time and Distance entry suggestions Quadriceps - fix
Help file, Hills, Heart rates and Backup/Restore Pain
RunCoach Ver 1.0 beta 2d Release Weight loss - muscle development
I shattered my PB with RunCoach short to long distance, how?
Changing suggested training programs Muscle Bulk
Can RunCoach develop a bike schedule  
Information used in Planning a Program  
Interval Decoding and total distance  
Showing planned and actual runs  
Upgrade to Beta 2d  
Suggestions and Cash Payment  
New pace field  
Import Data Files  
Run Coach Beta ver 1b2  
Problems with program 2d*  
metric conversion question  
RunCoach - Pulse - Plans  
HR data analysis  
Training Analysis  
Pace calculation / weekly  
Problem with data entry  
Some hints (and comments)  
Time based PB or distance based PB  
new version  

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