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Calculators - Heart Rate Zones

Calculators - Heart Rate Zones

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This is a standard heart rate zone calculator.  It calculates your pulse rates for a variety of standard runs.   The calculator uses both the Karhonen heart rate reserve as well as straight percentages.  I have avoided going further and varying the zone based on the distance run as it all gets a bit academic without more information about a runners response to training. (eg lactate threshold)  Entry of information is easy.  Just fill in the fields you can then click 'Zones' and your zone data will appear below.  The minimum entry to be useful would be your age and sex.

Age:         Sex: Male Female

Resting Pulse:        Maximum Pulse: Tested:

Years Training:

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Easy runs are for recovery and should be quite slow.  The danger is going too fast.  Set your HRM upper alarm at the top end of the zone and slow down every time it goes off.  Long runs are for aerobic conditioning and endurance.  They are little harder than easy runs but should be below you anaerobic threshold (AT).  Your AT percentage increases with as you get more trained so only use the HR zone as a guide.  You will probably need to be near the easy/long crossover if you are untrained and near the long/threshold crossover if you have been training for a few years. Threshold runs are designed to be around your anaerobic threshold.  This value (and even its existence) is debated by exersize physiologists but a good guide is where conversation becomes difficult and your breathing pattern changes somewhat.  Your AT percent increases with training so you should move to the upper end of the zone over time.  Intervals are run quite hard.  Don't do the whole session in the zone!  Intervals consist of a series of work/rest periods.  During the work period you should be in the zone and during the rest period you should recover.  Make sure you do an 'easy' zone warmup before and after the intervals.

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